Pharmacom Labs PHARMA Stan 50 is presented in a ten-milliliter multi-dose vial and reportedly contains 50 milligrams of stanozolol per milliliter according to label and/or packaging. Samples of this product were purchased from a European-based internet source between the dates of June 23, 2017 and August 14, 2017.

The samples were forwarded and received by the analytical laboratory SIMEC AG on August 14, 2017. SIMEC performed HPLC-UV quantitative dosage testing, ‘total aerobial microbiological count’ (TAMC) testing and ‘total yeast and mold count’ (TYMC) testing. The report was completed on September 18, 2017.

The product was identified with a product number “604331”, an expiration date of June 2017. The verification code “4i0tkxim0s” was successfully used to verify the authenticity of the product on

Label claim: Pharmacom Labs PHARMA Stan 50 has a label claim of 50 mg/ml stanozolol.

Actual content: Pharmacom Labs PHARMA Stan 50 was determined to have an actual content of 56.5 mg/ml stanozolol.

No microbiological contamination was detected.